Oct 9, 2009

Post from Etty's

Aku MC hari melepak kat umh je..igt mls nak update blog, tp bile bace blog Etty, cam best lak post, ape lagi, copy paste la..hehe..dh mintak ijin tau!!!
Me is sedang mencari ketenangan hati...need some times for,please...sape2 yang not really into you...for the time being,hopefully will is really needs to think properly....guiding by best adviser dunia & akhirat....
i am thinkin...of what i have done....of what i am goin to decide....of what i am goin to do
maybe..'IT' is not that MUCH in my must go life needs to go without 'IT'...yes..!!
Thanks Etty!!


_ettyEzudin_ said...

hehe...tetiber i ase malu...
etty ingt awaklaaa naa.. ;)

insal said...

besh2 n like that post too..
huhu kite serupa..=(

naachoce said...

etty, nape malu?hehe..yey, ade gak org igt kite :)
nak tnye bley, who/what are you referring to 'IT'?hehe

jeni, sabau ye..gtau diri sendiri gak ni..haha